Sorry, Marriage isn’t for You – But Copy is for You

Kim’s husband (Seth) was right when he wrote that marriage isn’t for you and me.

That said, there is really something for you. That’s a sales copy. Yes, a sales copy is uniquely you-centred. It is for you and about you…your benefits…your dreams…your emotions…about what makes you a better person. But it’s neither for the company writing to you nor is it about them. That’s how come there’re so many ‘you’ words in it. Some copies even go the extra mile to have your name splashed in the copy. Simply because it’s for and about you…the cherished recipient.

A darn good copy is a problem-solver. It makes you feel Smarter. Happier. Healthier. Richer. And you like that feeling. If not you wouldn’t continue to read the copy and even finally take the action it recommends to you. Here is the proof. You’ve ignored some sales copies before, haven’t you? Good. That was because those sales copies failed to speak to your concerns…they failed to speak like you. They either talked about the company or how excellent the product was. Some even offered you nothing beneficial. Worse still some of them even spoke in a manner that was unnatural to you. In a nutshell, these copies weren’t you-centred. They didn’t have you in mind. So you detected it and stopped reading them.

See another proof. You’re probably reading this post because the titled ‘promised’ you something. So you wanted to find that ‘something’ for yourself. We all have concerns and only copies that ‘speak’ to us and offer us solutions that we’ll read and even respond to.

Now, why break your head because marriage isn’t for you when there’re copious sales copies that are for you in every sense?

Share your thoughts. What else in a sales copy makes you feel it’s actually for and about you?


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