How a Guy Used Direct Mail Techniques from His Mum to Land His Dream Job

This story appeared in the January 2013 edition of the No B.S. Marketing Letter of Glazer-Kennedy Inside Circle.

Tyler Hershberger is a graduate from college with a degree in graphic arts and video production. He gets a job with sales section of a dance studio. Later he decides to find a job in his field of specialty. He doesn’t want to join the teeming applicants online. At this point, he approaches his copywriter mum Nina Hershberger for help. Nina deploys her knowledge from Dan Kennedy’s 3-step Mailing Programme to her son’s aid.

This new job hunting process starts with a compilation of the contact information of the CEOs or the owners of 100 companies Tyler would like to work in. After this he goes ahead with the multi-step mailing process as follows:

1st mail: file folder mailing, with cover letter, fake job interview form customised with each company’s logo at the top and a very visual resume.

2nd mail: one week after the first. It contains inscription ‘X-RAY FILM – DO NOT FOLD’ on 6×9” envelop. The contents are fake piece of X-Ray film with clever headline and illustration, newsletter-format cover letter, duplicate resume

3rd mail: fake handwritten, yellow legal pad piece.

4th mail: ‘How many mailings will it take?’

5th mail: a letter from his dog, with photo of dog clipped with paper clip.

And the result? Two companies take Tyler out for lunch; 5 companies invite him for interviews and he receives calls from others too. Finally he lands a lucrative accounts executive job with a production company with clients worldwide.

What lessons can we learn from Tyler’s story?

  1. First he doesn’t send his resume online like other job seekers. He uses direct mail to distinguish himself from the masses. He makes sure he gets attention.
  2. He chooses his dream companies and mails to them without their asking.
  3. Both Tyler and his mum did some research.
  4. They applied the multi-step mailing sequence as Dan Kennedy teaches.
  5. They applied creativity every step of the way.

Dan argues that what Tyler and his mum did was essentially B2B marketing. Indeed, he says all job-hunting is B2B marketing. Dan further argues that their story proves that traditional direct mail still outperforms online approach. He concludes on the point that it’s necessary to violate industrial norms, common practices and rules to get a head start. Many writers and businesses people seem to share Dan’s last point about rules. They say some rules unnecessarily cripple creativity.

Dear reader, what do you have to say about the post? It’s freedom of expression. Share thoughts now.


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