How Tiger Wood’s Life Confirmed a Marketing Lesson

A few days ago, I saw a documentary titled, ‘Tiger Woods: Rise and Fall.’ From start it gripped my attention. It related how the child Tiger Woods was ‘conceived and birthed’ by Earl Wood, a military veteran.

Earl Woods knew what he wanted. He looked forward to a child who would startle the world with sheer talent and achievement. So, he introduced toddler Tiger Woods to golf. He saw him as master golfer from start. To make his dream a reality, Earl Woods created a system which would mould his son into a golfer of the future. How did he do it? He hired an expert golf trainer for his boy. He reduced his boy’s daily routine to…school and golf lessons. Little Tiger Woods had no friends – sorry, his only friend was his golf trainer.

Earl Woods also wanted something more from his son. As a military veteran, he realised, judging from the sort of racial intimidating climate that existed at the time, that his son had to be trained as a soldier…to be FEARLESS. This determined father engaged the services of a military psychologist to train his boy’s mind through hypnosis and other military strategies.

And the result? The outcome was a never-before-seen golfer who marvelled the white-dominate sport for years. He became the ‘golf standard.’ So was Earl Wood surprised with the outcome? Why should he? Because he saw from a distance what he wanted and spent good money to put together a whole system to achieve that.

You may be asking by now, ‘so what has all this got do with marketing?’ A lot more than meets the eye. I learned from Glazer-Kennedy Inside Circle that successful businesses have SYSTEMS. They have systems for manufacturing, for quality control…and for marketing. They have systems by which they can predict the end from the beginning.

If a business would succeed, Dan argues, then it must employ a workable marketing system…one that’s predictable and measurable. Marketing mustn’t be a trial and error process forever. Trial and error approach should rather be used to generate a tried and tested system which produces similar results every time.

Whether direct mail, web pages or traditional advertising, the business must have a winning formula to all these…the business must have a swipe file of the best direct response marketing copies which can be deployed over and over again with similar success rates.

When it comes to writing effective copies, Jack Turk top copywriter at DKIC said as part of his system, he uses checklist extensively to check every part of his sales copy from the headline to PS. He even takes the pains to dial the contact number on the copy…and sends an email to the contact email. He never leaves anything to chance. He said he rarely begins any sales copy on a terrifying blank page. He either uses a headline or a sentence from one of the best copies in his swipe file.

So, if marketing is a system, what is yours? How do you go about marketing knowing the outcome from the beginning? Feel free to share your thoughts with the many friends out there. I trust you will.


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