The earlier you admit this, the better for you

Love It. Hate it. Don’t just forget it – you’re a salesperson

It recently dawned on me that a good part of human existence depends on selling. Some are overt strategies. Others involve covert ones.

Any time you have to persuade someone to change their views and accept what you proclaim, remember that you’re selling. Whether you’re a job seeker planning to land your dream job, or a business owner trying to get more customers, or even a young man trying to woo the lady of your fantasies, you’ll have to employ selling strategies to get your way through. These days, religious leaders have even turned to more overt approaches to gain more members into their fold.

So to bring you bring you top-class selling strategies that have worked and still continue to work is what I want to turn my attention to. What new thing should you expect? A lot. See, I’ll review books that teach winning methods of selling. I’ll bring you blogs which speak and walk the craft of selling. When possible, I’ll interview people who have created indelible landmarks in the area of selling. And much, much more.

Let’s hit the ground running in this new direction. I’d like to give a gift to all the persons out there who’re convinced that they are salespeople. It’s a gift I received from a salesman and I intend want to pass it on to you. In fact, a series of posts on this blog for the coming weeks will be about this gift. It’s an ebook format of a gem of book titled, ‘Scientific Advertising,’ written by Claude Hopkins.  It’s about this book the late advertising legend David Ogilvy said:

‘Nobody should be allowed to have anything to do with advertising until he has read this book seven times. It changed the course of my life.’

If you’re familiar with Mr. Ogilvy works in the area of crafting advertising promotions that sell far beyond all imagination, then you’d like to take this book seriously. Why? He’s said to be the brain behind modern advertising. And his company Ogilvy and Mather testifies to his achievements as a salesman. From a humble beginning of only two stuff and no clients, it now boasts of 450 offices in 169 cities. And a bulging list of top notch clients.

If you’re ready for more, let’s delve into this little book to find out what wisdom it has to give in the area of selling. Lets I forget. You may download the book here:  Scientific Advertising

Lessons for Day One

  1. Advertising is now a science. It is measurable. It has laws. There’s a right way and wrong way. It has long changed from what happened in the past, probably during the Pre-Hopkin’s days.
  2. It’s difficult to measure intricate details about humans. But things are closer now than before. Some things about human beings have changed with time. Others are as constant as the earth’s orbit around the sun.
  3. One thing is certain. Losses will come in advertising. But now there are established laws which will reduce the losses. Any loss should be added to the knowledge bank of things that don’t work.

These are just the stepping stones to a better understanding of the whole concept of selling. What else did you get from reading the first chapter of the advertiser’s bible? Share your findings with us.


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