The Psychology of Buyers: Secret Words That Drive Sales

Are you Looking for a Powerful Headline for your ad…or a killer title for your book…so that sales can double or even triple?

IF yes…then try this Amazing Secret Source that the Master Copywriter Gary Halbert recommends to copywriters.

Look, you won’t believe what you’re about to discover. But if you take it seriously, you’ll see amazing results for yourself.

I know…

You’re probably expecting to find yet another compilation of the same old tired headlines of ads that sold well in the past. If so, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

Don’t also expect find a book by some copywriter about some supposed formulas for writing effective headlines.

So what’s this about?

“The First Hundred Million”

That’s the title of the book I want you to check out for yourself.

It’s a very special book…that Master Copywriter Gary Halbert himself recommended for marketers and copywriters before his death.

This book is about 80 years old, if not more. Mr. Julius Emmanuel Haldeman published it after intense “experimentation” with the reading public of America and other parts of the world. So this book contains the findings of a 9-year “experiment”.

It’s a book about what makes people buy…concluded from 9 years of testing.

So if you’re a copywriter looking for “ever-green” ideas and compelling headlines for your next blockbuster marketing campaign, then you should the take following advice to heart…

“Here’s a suggestion only the most dedicated (driven) among you will take to heart. Go read a copy of THE FIRST HUNDRED MILLION!…. It contains much more value than I can extract for you here… Nothing like it has ever been written. It is where I learned my magic words. The ones that make my copy sizzle and my headlines impossible to ignore…. I love this book!” – Gary Halbert (An American Marketing Genius)

But how can you get a copy of this book? You have three options. I’ll come to these options shortly. But let me first tell you something interesting.

You see, this book was published in the 1920s. a few years later the author passed away and his son took over the publishing business. But fire gutted the entire plant house where the books were produced. Unfortunately, the publishing business couldn’t survive this severe blow. And since then the book has been out of print. And because of that the book is now very rare to come by.

That said…here are the three ways you can get a copy of this book:

  • If you’re in the U.S.A, you may get a copy to read from the following libraries (according to Gary Halbert): the Library of Congress and the Metropolitan Library in Manhattan;
  • You can buy a used copy from Amazon for around $200. That was the price I saw a few weeks back.
  • And you can also obtain an ebook copy from me right here on this site.

So if you would like to see for yourself whether this book really has something meaningful to offer you as a writer…and you want this information right now…just click on the link below to get your ebook copy.

Click here: Get Your Ebook Now Without Risk Or Obligation.



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