About Me

Dear Friend,

Were we made for each other?

Frankly, I don’t know yet. But what I do know is this…

My writing journey began in 2011 with a comprehensive freelance writing course from the Writers Bureau, Manchester, UK. Since then I have learned several skills in relation to the writing craft. Some companies and bodies have also been helpful in my development as a writer. Notable among these bodies include the American Writers Association Incorporated (AWAI) and the Glazer-Kennedy Insider Circle. I’ve also gained a lot of insight from a host of writing blogs. This combined experience has given me the confidence to start my third blog, this time dedicated to copywriting and direct response marketing.

You see, my other two blogs didn’t have any particular focus. I tried to lump all aspects of writing in one single space. Imagine combining articles, sales letters and short stories together on the same blog. Such was the feat I wanted to achieve. Soon I ran out of ideas and interest. So they failed as a result. Is your current business without focus? Learn from me.

Thankfully, this blog has a focus, and I’m determined to make it survive any challenge at all to achieve its purpose —


To this end I work diligently on the blog, tweaking it here and there.

Ok. My name is Cyril Pourideme Dery.

I’m a copywriter committed to influencing the growth of businesses…including yours…through deploying marketing strategies to bring more customers and more money. If you came with the aim to meet a Copywriter… A Direct Response Marketing Consultant, then welcome to the place where businesses thrive.

But if you were looking for something else, then save journey on your cyber trip.

I hope you land at a desirable destination. Bon voyage.

But remember, you’re free to walk in any time for us to discuss business…how your business can make more sales quickly.

Some of my services include the following:

  • Sales Letters;
  • Newspaper Adverts;
  • Brochures;
  • Case Studies;
  • White Papers;
  • Sales Emails;
  • Newsletters;
  • Press releases etc.

If you didn’t see your item of interest, ask me about it. However, if  you picked something from the list,  then let’s talk through the Hire page. I’ll be standing by to pick the right strategies for your business to soar. Contact me right away.

I’m itching to meet you.



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